Sushanta Datta

I am Sushanta Datta, a Graphic and a Web Designer living in Bangalore, India. I have a degree in Computer Science from a reputed University in India.

I have been researching online and offline about various Kitchen accessories and types of equipment from the past three years. Writing an article is hard, but giving complete information is definitely fun.

I have been inspired to write about Kitchen Chimney because I see a lot of my family members and friends struggle when they want to buy a Kitchen Chimney in India.

Nothing brings more pleasure than creating awareness. I have designed this blog to provide complete information about Kitchen Chimney (Kitchen Hoods), How they work, various models and types and buying guide.

I feel very happy when I help someone. I write so that other people can get as much knowledge and information when they make a buying decision.

If you have any feedback regarding my blog, please feel free to contact me via the contact page.