5 Best Selling Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen in India – 2021

If you are planning to buy a brand new Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen, then this buying guide is for you. But, let us first get an overview of what an Auto-clean chimney is.

Auto Clean Chimney is equipped with Aluminium non-stick strong turbine enabled blower through which cooking fumes moves.  Due to centrifugal forces oil particles are forced to move toward turbine bordered wall and get accumulated in easy to remove and washable oil collectors.  These removable oil collector channels have to be cleaned once per month based on usage.  There is no extra effort to wash oil collectors.  All you will need is to press on Auto clean control button while cooking.

Benefits of Auto Clean technologies in Chimneys:

Traditional Chimneys with Cassette filter has a disadvantage. The cassette filter obstructs the suction and frequency of cleaning the filter is much more in those chimneys. The amount of servicing needed is also more frequent.  Since the flow is interrupted, suction decreases by 150-200m3/hr.  For instance, a chimney using a cassette filter of 1000 suction capacity, the actual efficiency comes down to only 800.

Baffle filter Chimneys are little better than Cassette filter chimneys, as it reduces the frequency of service. Frequent cleaning is also reduced. But on the other hand, its efficiency is also hampered.

Baffle filters with Auto clean are recent advancements, but nevertheless have filters, which need to be cleaned.

The latest Auto Clean chimneys are Filterless. The latest Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys are the 3rd Generation Kitchen Chimneys. 3rd Generation auto clean chimneys come without a filter. It also has a room that collects oil. The efficiency is far better. As there are no filters, the hassle of cleaning filter is zero. Just a PUSH OF A BUTTON and Oil gets accumulated in the collector.

Uses of an Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

  • Auto clean chimneys have a full suction capacity
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fewer services, therefore obviously good savings
  • It increases the life span of the chimney as oil and dirt gets melted every time
  • Auto clean chimneys are little highly-priced, but the entire cost is less. Because the maintenance costs and service cost are less in auto clean chimneys
  • Motor casing must be of Steel to facilitate the auto-clean option so, it increases the Life Span of the chimney
  • No filters – So full utilisation of suction power and hence the oil, fumes are directly thrown out in the environment.
  • Most of the Auto clean chimneys come with feather touch control, so it becomes easy to operate.
  • Keeps the Kitchen cabinets clean, free from oil with the utilization of appropriate suction capability.

Here are the 5 Best Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

  1. Prestige AKH 600 MSS Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

This Prestige Auto Clean Chimney offers you Smokeless kitchen just at the wave of your hand. This next-generation Kitchen Chimney comes with Gesture control feature. This helps the chimney to operate just with the motion of your palm. To turn the Chimney ON, just need to wave from left to right. You can also regulate speed levels as well. To switch the chimney OFF, wave your hand from right to left. Now, that’s what technology has to offer us.

auto clean chimney for kitchen

    • Size: 60 cm.
    • Suction Capacity: 1100 m3/hr
    • Filters: Baffle Filters
    • Control Type: Touch Control
    • Warranty: 1 Year on Product, 10 Years on Motor
    • Thermal Auto Clean Technology, 3-speed level, Attractive decorative design with storage platform
  1. Elica EFL-WD 606 HAC MS NERO Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

Upgrade the vibe of your kitchen with the beguiling plan of EFL-WD 606 HAC MS NERO kitchen chimney! This chimney is your pass to a worry-free cooking experience. Persistent introduction to smoke and solid fragrances influences your wellbeing, this chimney is intended to suit your requirements. This chimney guarantees you with a force pressed execution consistently!

Elica EFL Auto Clean Chimney - auto clean chimney for kitchen

    • Size: 60 cm.
    • Suction Capacity: 1100 m3/hr
    • Filters: Filterless Auto Clean Chimney
    • Control Type: Touch Control with Motion Sensor
    • Warranty: 1 Year on Product, 5 Years on Motor
    • Motion Sensor Control. Works on a wave of hands.
  1. FABER HOOD CREST HC SC BK 90 Filterless Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Faber Hood Crest HC SC model is a Heat Auto clean chimney with oil Collector which comes Filterless innovation. Stuffed with Metal Blower and the high limit engine gives an incredible attraction of 1200 m3/hr. Hood Crest accompanies the confirmation of simple support and simple to utilize, wherein you don’t have to invest more energy in Chimney cleaning process. Its Unique Gesture control highlight gives you the opportunity of working without contacting the control board. Faber Chimney is an ideal blend of execution, looks and innovation. The chimney accompanies 5 years guarantee on engine and rotor from the made, with a 1-year far-reaching guarantee.

auto clean chimney for kitchen

    • Size: 90 cm.
    • Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
    • Filters: Heat Auto Clean Chimney
    • Control Type: Gesture & Touch Control
    • Warranty: 5 Years on Motor
    • Motion Sensor Control. Works on a wave of hands.
  1. Seavy CIAZ BK90 Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

Seavy intends to assemble trust by guaranteeing quality and has confidence in conveying fine kitchen hardware. Look over a wide scope of impeccable cooktops to kitchen chimneys when you have to give your kitchen the ideal makeover.

Seavy realizes how significant it is for any kitchen to look great and be appreciated by those working in it. In this way, appreciate a variety of fastidiously created items, which have been intended to improve your culinary experience.

auto clean chimney for kitchen

    • Size: 90 cm.
    • Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
    • Filters: Auto Clean Chimney with Oil Collector
    • Control Type: Touch Control
  1. Eurodomo Prime HC TC BK 60 Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

Eurodomo Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen comes with cutting edge heat auto clean innovation which accompanies an oil gatherer to give a total problem-free cleaning for the chimney. Eurodomo chimney comes fitted with hardened steel confound channel, which guarantees the strength for life to the channels. Contact Control board added to the excellence and polish of the chimney.

auto clean chimney for kitchen

    • Size: 60 cm.
    • Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
    • Filters: Baffle Filter
    • Control Type: Gesture & Touch Control
    • Warranty: 1 yr on product 5 Years on Motor

Manual Kitchen Chimney vs. Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

Let us look into the difference between the two chimneys. This will make the buying decision easier.


Auto Clean chimney comes with an Oil collector. This makes the job very much easier to keep the chimney clean. On the other hand, the oil and grease get stuck in the filter. This requires additional cleaning of filter for the proper functioning of the Chimney.


It is very easy to clean the oil collector once a month for an Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney. But, for a manual chimney, regular cleaning of filters is required for efficient performance.


The life span of an Auto Clean Chimney is high as the oil is collected in an Oil collector. The oil collector can be cleaned separately keeping the chimney in pristine condition. In a manual kitchen chimney, the oil is trapped in filters for which regular cleaning is needed. As most of the oil gets trapped, the lifespan and functionality of both the filter and the Chimney decrease.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is auto clean chimney better?

Ans: Yes. Auto Clean chimney is far better than Manual Chimney. The price of an Auto Clean Kitchen chimney is higher than Manual Chimney.

Q2. Which chimney is best for the kitchen?

Ans: We do not recommend any particular brand. However, to buy the best chimney you should definitely consider the list of 5 best Auto Clean Chimney for a kitchen that we have listed above.

Q3. How do you clean auto chimney?

Ans: There is an Auto Clean button present on every Auto Clean chimney models. You just have to press the button and it will start cleaning the chimney automatically. For manual chimney cleaning, we recommend you read our article How to clean the chimney.

Q4. Which filter is best for the chimney?

Ans: Baffle Filter is very effective and best for Kitchen chimney. You should read our article on what is a Baffle Filter to know more about Filters.

As we have listed the Top 5 Auto clean chimney, hope it becomes easier for you to decide.

Our final thoughts

Though the price of Auto clean Kitchen Chimney is higher, the features it provides is great. Auto Clean chimney has so many features; it is the first choice for consumers. The cost of maintaining an Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney is very less. For a manual kitchen chimney, the price may be initially low but the maintenance cost is added up in future. We suggest you decide on a budget and got for Auto Clean Chimney for which decision of yours, you wouldn’t regret.

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