3 High Suction Clix Chimney you should checkout

In this article, we listed out the 3 Best High suction powered Clix Chimney. We all know that Kitchen Chimney nowadays has become an integral part of Indian Kitchen. Be it a small kitchen or a large one, and everyone gets a kitchen chimney installed.


Kitchen Chimney is known by different names in different parts of the world like Kitchen Hood, Range Hood or Extractor Hood. Whatever names we use, the purpose of the Chimney remains the same.

The primary work of Kitchen Chimney is to absorb the fumes and grease that is generated from cooking and create a smoke-free kitchen. It is placed just above the gas burner to absorb the smoke. The more powerful the chimney suction power is, the better it will pull the air. While listing Clix Chimney, we considered Chimneys, which have high suction power.

Best Kitchen Chimney – Which one?

If you have researched online, you might have found that there are a lot of Chimney companies in India. As a buyer, this becomes confusing. The gradation of selecting the best kitchen chimney includes a lot of features like Chimney types, types of filters, their functionality, Duct vs. Ductless, Width of the chimney, cleaning, and maintenance options.

Well, for that, we have a well-crafted article 5 Minutes Guide to Kitchen Chimney. We highly recommend you to read that and come back here.

What about High Suction

While reviewing the 3 Clix chimneys, we picked up those chimneys which have high suction power. And there is a good reason. The kitchen chimney comes with a suction motor that pulls the greasy smoke from the kitchen and sends it out in the open air through the duct.

While buying a chimney, it is always preferable to buy a chimney with high suction power. The Clix chimney that we reviewed has very high suction power. These Clix chimneys are equipped with super suction motors with a suction capacity of more than 1200 m³/hr.

This range of Suction power is more than enough for India’s cooking style. M³/hr stands for Cubic Meter per Hour. The number denotes the area of coverage. There are chimneys available with a range of 800 m³/hr. They are considered as low range suction power chimneys and are best suited for light cooking. So, we thought of listing 3 best Clix chimneys with high suction power.

E’Sprit 60 3G Black Auto Clean Chimney

Esprit 60 3g Black Clix Chimney

  • Body & Finish: This Clix Chimney model comes with a black body and cover. It has a very attractive design and the looks of the chimney are elegant. You will surely fall in love with this chimney at its first look. The Chimney comes in two different sizes viz. 60cm and 90cm which are sufficient for Indian Kitchen burners.
  • Buttons: This particular chimney comes with Feather touch buttons. They are very decently located at the front panel. They are smooth and really need less effort. The elegant button on front panel surely adds up to the class of this chimney.
  • Suction: The Suction fan has a suction capacity of 1250 m3/hr which is sufficient for Indian Kitchen. It also comes with 3 Speed Control to suit your cooking needs. The powerful suction capacity of the fan ensures a clean and tidy kitchen environment. The motor also comes with Over Heat Protection as well. The air outlet is approximately 150mm.
  • Lights: E’Sprit 60 3G comes with LED lamps with square dimensions. The lamps are placed at proper locations which ensure even lighting while you cook. LED lamps are definitely a plus because of low electricity consumption and high intensity.
  • Maintenance: This chimney comes with Heat Auto Clean. Heat Auto Clean actually takes care of your maintenance with just the push of a button. Heat Auto Clean Technology uses a heating element to liberate of the grease particles inside the Chimney. The oil collector which comes along is placed below to collect the grease. The Oil Collector can be taken out and cleaned later. This ensures less human interaction.

Grace 60 Clix Chimney


  • Body & Finish: Grace 60 Chimney has a Wide Slanted Body. This Kitchen Hood has a black finish with the black painted body. The front part is furnished with Strong and Thick Tempered Glass. The beauty and looks of Grace 60 Clix Chimney are superb. If you want to have a chimney that matches your kitchen interiors, you should buy this chimney.
  • Buttons: This chimney comes with 3 Speed push buttons for low to the high fan control. As per your need, you can control the suction capacity of the fan. The tacky push buttons are evenly located at the front panel of the Chimney. The design and placement ensure that the buttons are easily reachable for smooth operation.
  • Suction: The suction capacity of this chimney is 1100 m3/hr. This capacity is more than enough for Indian Kitchen. They can be easily controlled with the push of a button. With high suction of 1100m 3/hr, this chimney ensures a neat and tidy kitchen.
  • Lights: Grace Chimney comes with LED Lights. It has 2 nos. of 1.5 watts of LED lights installed. LED lights are known to produce high intensity with less power consumption. So, this is definitely an added advantage.
  • Maintenance: This Chimney comes with Baffle Filters which are very easy to clean. Baffle filters are the best when it comes to trapping of grease and oil from the smoke. They have been used by almost all chimney companies over the years because of their effectiveness. You may read our article on How to clean chimney filters.

Deco 60 3G Auto Clean Clix Chimney


  • Body & Finish: The DECO 60 3G has a Curved glass finish with Stainless Steel body. The Glass panel is sturdy and adds up to the beauty of the chimney. The front panel has a black glossy finish. This shiny finish makes the chimney attractive.
  • Buttons:  The front panel of this chimney has a colourful digital screen. This displays the complete chimney information. Along with, it has push buttons which are tacky and they are well placed. This makes sure the buttons are within the reach of the user.
  • Suction: The suction capacity of this chimney is 1250 m3/hr which adds up to the ultimate power of this chimney. This suction capacity is enough for average to heavy Indian cooking. The air outlet is 150mm and the capacity of the motor is 180 watts. The suction fan has 3-speed controls which can be easily changed using the push buttons as per the cooking needs.
  • Lights: This chimney comes with LED lights for greater visibility and power saving. LED lamps are round in shape and are placed ergonomically to ensure great cooking experience.
  • Maintenance: The chimney features Heat Auto Clean. This means that there is no manual maintenance required for this chimney.  Heat Auto Clean helps getting rid of grease and oily particles from inside the Chimney. It also has an oil collector which collects the oil after the auto clean operation. Auto Clean chimney ensures less human interaction and no manual cleaning.

About Clix Chimney

Actually, Clix is a brand name of PKL Appliances. PKL Appliances was set up in 1985 which was a joint venture with Primus AB, Sweden and Kabsons Group of India. They have state of the art manufacturing units in Hyderabad.


All of the above Clix Chimney has a warranty of 5 Years. In order to claim warranty, you should have a warranty card properly filled. That should be produced to the company representative to claim the warranty during the warranty period.

Clix Chimney Customer Care

You may contact  07032652549 for any queries.

Final Thoughts

Clix Chimney does not have very high sales as other companies. If you read online, they have got quite a few negative reviews because of their poor customer service. A company must provide better customer service in order to sustain in the market. No doubt, these chimneys are good but what matters is the after-sales service. But, we would suggest you compare these above-mentioned chimneys in terms of price and features with other brands.

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