5 Top Selling Faber Chimney Models with Price

faber chimney models with price

All of us know how important a Kitchen Chimney is. In order to keep a kitchen sparkling clean, Chimney plays an important role. It helps keep our Kitchen grease and smoke-free. A kitchen chimney expels oil particles from the kitchen making the kitchen area clean. In India, there are a lot of companies like Elica, Kaff, Bosch or Faber. In this article, I have decided to list out the 10 best selling Faber chimney models with price.


Faber is known for manufacturing chimneys which are designed to reflect your personal choice and style. It has been designing efficient kitchen chimney and is known to be the leader in the innovation of modern-day kitchen accessories.

Faber Chimney Models with price

Faber has three major categories of chimney available. They are Faber 3d Aero Station Chimneys, Auto Clean Chimneys and Manual Chimneys.

I have sorted the best Faber Chimney Models with Price. I have also mentioned the PROS and CONS and the reason you should buy. Let’s uncover.

Faber 90 cm HOOD CREST HC SC BK 90

faber chimney models with price

This Faber Chimney Auto Clean Chimney comes in 90 cm. The Suction Capacity of this Chimney is 1200 m3/hr, which is enough for average to heavy Indian cooking.

The Chimney is equipped with Touch and Gesture control and produces very less noise.

The design of this particular chimney is elegant and this chimney has Heat Auto Clean feature. Auto Clean chimney ensures less maintenance and more longevity of Chimney filters.

  • PROS: Powerful Suction, Heat Auto Clean, Low Noise Levels
  • CONS: Nothing as Such
  • Bottom Line: If you really need an Auto Clean Chimney, you should buy this chimney.

Faber 90 cm Hood Orient TC BK 90, Black

faber chimney models with price

Before we let you know about this Faber Chimney model with price, let us talk about a few good features about this chimney. It is a Filterless Chimney with Auto Clean features. This chimney has elegant curved glass design.

The size of this Chimney is 90 cm which is sufficient for Indian Cooking. The filterless chimney helps clean the air though high airflow angle without a filter. This is a wall-mounted chimney.

The suction capacity of this chimney is 1200 m3/hr. The noise level of this chimney is close to 68 dB which is low.

This chimney comes with touch control features. The touch panel is conveniently located on the front part of the chimney.

  • PROS: 90 cm wide, Powerful Suction Capacity, Filterless Technology
  • CONS: Nothing as such.
  • Bottom Line: If you prefer Filterless chimney this is the best one.

Faber 60 cm Hood Primus Energy TC HC BK 60

faber chimney models with price

If you are looking for a super suction chimney, this is the best. That is because this chimney comes with a high suction power of 1500 m3/hr. It is equipped with Heat auto clean technology.

This chimney has 3 layer baffle filter that allows efficient separation of grease particles from the smoke. The noise level of this chimney is 58 dB which is very low.

Hood Primus Energy Chimney also comes with an Optional Gesture Control setting. And this chimney also comes in 90 cm size.

  • Pros: Super High Suction Power, Low Noise Level
  • CONS: Nothing as such
  • Bottom Line: If you do heavy cooking, then buy this chimney

Faber 60cm Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60

faber chimney models with price

Faber Tratto Plus Chimney is a 60 cm wall-mounted chimney. The suction capacity of this chimney is 1000 m3/hr. The 3 layer baffle filter inside this chimney is apt for Indian Kitchen and does not require frequent cleaning.

The Chimney has push-button control and the noise level is approximately 62 dB which is considered decent.

The black curved glass design of this chimney really looks elegant and adds up to the beauty.

  • Pros: Triple layer Baffle Filter, Decent Suction Power
  • Cons: Nothing as such.
  • Bottom Line: If you are looking for a budget kitchen chimney, go for this one.

Faber 60cm TENDER 3D Max T2S2

faber chimney models with price

Faber Tender 3D Max Chimney has a pyramid style design with a suction capacity of 1295 m3/hr. This chimney comes in a size of 60 cm.

The baffle filter in this chimney requires the filters to be cleaned every 6 months. Ideally, baffle filters need less maintenance and these types of filters are very ideal for Indian kitchens.

The Push-button control is ergonomically placed on the front panel of this chimney.

As this is a Ductless chimney, the air is re-circulated which is very effective in removing odour from your kitchen.

  • PROS: 3 Layer Baffle Filter, 3 Way Suction
  • CONS: No Touch Buttons
  • Bottom line: The best 3-way suction chimney that you should buy.


Faber is known for its innovation. Since its inception in 1963, Faber has been designing the best kitchen chimneys in the world. Faber has implemented the first robotic technology with automation in its Chimney production process. It is one of the renowned companies in Kitchen Range Hoods.

The Faber Chimney models with price mentioned above are all feature-packed. You seldom get these features or a combination of them in other chimney companies.

So, a company with such a track record can surely be trusted with the quality of the product it has to offer.  There is no doubt that they are the pioneers in Chimney making. So, you won’t regret if you make a buying decision with any of these chimney models mentioned above.

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