3 Best Faber Chimney Review: Aerostation Chimney Series

Faber Chimney Review - Aero Station Chimney

If you are doing some research online & planning to shop for a Kitchen Chimney, this article is surely going to help you. We have written about 3 Best Faber Chimney review in this article. These are 3 in 1 Chimney. But, first, let us understand the grave situation inside an Indian Kitchen and how these 3-in-1 chimneys help us. Few questions to be answered before we dive deeper.

Have you noticed how much smoke our kitchen produces when we start to cook something? Women especially face this daily. It really becomes impossible to bear the heat and smoke, which is released in the kitchen during cooking.

Our air pollution is increasing day by day. And the level of risk is also increasing posing danger of health hazard. It is essential to utilize something which keeps you and your adored one super healthy and your kitchen contamination free.

Faber, a Chimney brand understood this. That is why they came up with this innovative idea. Faber has come up with its 3-in-1 Aerostation line of Chimneys in India. Needless to say, Faber makes really good Kitchen Chimneys. And we wanted to know the concept behind Aerostation Chimneys. And that is why we thought of writing a review on Faber chimney.

Why we did Faber chimney review of Aerostation chimneys: Aerostation Chimneys comes with three machines in one. The Chimney for pulling the smokes in. The fan pointing at you and Air Purification system for fresh and clean air.

Faber Aerostation Chimneys

Faber’s 3 out of 1 Aerostation Chimney is the world’s first 3 in 1 Kitchen Chimneys, which offers the consumer, advantage of three machines in one. This Chimney comprises the usefulness of a Chimney with that of a fan and air purifier. So, you get a Kitchen Chimney with a fan pointing at you and Air Purifier doing the purification of smoke droplets which surely harms you. For this very reason, we think this Faber Chimney review is going to be very interesting.

Let us read the 3 Faber chimney reviews one by one.

Faber Chimney Review of Aerostation Glamour FT AB LTW 90

faber chimney review - Kitchen Chimney Info

This particular chimney has a width of 90 cm. If you look at the model name ‘90’ is mentioned at the end of the name. This makes identification easier. If you have a wide Cooking area or a wide burner, this particular 3 in 1 Faber Chimney should suffice the needs. It has a suction power of 1000 m^3/hr.

The fan can run on 3 different speeds and an additional Intensive mode. This is an important measure. Also, this chimney comes with 3 layers of baffle filter (Click here to know about what is a baffle filter). The controls are pretty sophisticated. They are placed well within reach so your hands would reach out to them easily.

The buttons have a premium finish and backlit feature. Backlit helps to operate the button when it’s dark esp. at night when you may crave for a cup of coffee. The front part has a premium Alligator Black finish. If you look at the model name of this Faber Chimney you would notice that AB is mentioned. Two LED lamps are installed in proper spots to brighten up your kitchen hob area. These are two 1.5 watt LEDs. So, some power saving here.

faber chimney review - Kitchen Chimney Info


It has a Nylon filter which removes dust particles and dirt from the air. The Carbon filter eliminated odour, toxic gases by neutralising them.

Chimney Review of Aerostation Glamour 3D FT AB 60

faber chimney review - Kitchen Chimney Info

The width of this Faber chimney is 60cm. It is also available in 90cm. So, if you have a cooking area of approximately 50 to 60 cm then this is ideal for you. This Chimney is a 3 in 1 chimney from Faber Chimney’s Aerostation range.

This chimney comes with a suction power of 1095 m³/hr. If we compare it has more suction power then the previous model listed above. This fan comes with 3-speed control which produces enough power to pull all the smokes and dirt from your kitchen. The 3 layer baffle filter ensures maximum trapping of oily substances and grease that is generated from moderate to heavy cooking.

The front part of this Faber chimney comes with Alligator Black finish which adds up to its premium look. The buttons are located on the front part of the Chimney which ensures easy operation. This model also comes with backlit with a soft-touch panel. The Bio colour light for speed indication comes with three colours. Green colour denotes speed 1, Orange denotes speed 2 and Red denotes speed 3.


The Nylon filter promises to remove dust particles and dirt from the air. Carbon filter arrests Odour and toxic gases whereas the HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) helps to arrest dust and smoke particles of 1 micron.

Review of Aerostation Glamour FT AC LTW 90

faber chimney review - Kitchen Chimney Info

If you have a wide cooking area, this Faber chimney should be able to cover that. With a width of 90 cm, this Aerostation Chimney is ideally made for moderate cooking. The fan that is installed in this chimney has a suction power of 1000 m³/hr. This is lower than the other two chimneys that we mentioned above.

The touch panel has a beautiful finish. The placements of the buttons are perfect. The backlit option makes it easier to operate the chimney in dark. The colour of this chimney is Antique Copper. If you have your kitchen interiors done with some veneer finish, this chimney surely will complement that. Two LED lamps of 1.5 watts each are placed in properly to ensure the light is even.

The 3 layer Baffle filter ensures maximum trapping of dirt and grease. As compared to traditional chimneys which come with single baffle filter, this Faber chimney definitely marches ahead. If you prepare spicy foods and cuisines regularly, then the 3 layer baffle filter will surely help.


This also has Nylon filter which removes dust particles and dirt from the air. Carbon filter arrests Odour and toxic gases whereas the HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) helps to arrest dust and smoke particles of 1 micron.

Faber-The company

Faber started its journey in the year 1955, 65 years from now. The headquarters is located in Fabriano, Italy. This company was founded by Professor Abramo Galassi. It also has other products like Faber Chimney for small kitchen, Gas Appliances, Water Heaters, Faber RO Water Purifiers and other cooking appliances. Because they have been in the market from quite some time, we thought of writing a comprehensive guide on Faber chimney review.

Faber Chimney Customer Care

Customer Care Number: 1800-209-3484
Email: [email protected] website: www.fabindia.com


We all need fresh air. Especially, it really feels suffocated when you have a smoke-filled kitchen. Moreover, we all want to be healthy and pollution-free.  Faber as always has come up with a great product. And all these Faber Chimneys have a powerful suction capacity which is enough for the average users. However, we suggest you go with the model which suits your kitchen interiors, attractive kitchen chimney design, and has the maximum suction power. This will make your product future proof for sure.

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