5 Tempting and Best Glen Chimney and Hob Combo offer in 2021

glen chimney and hob offer

We always love to buy products when we get good value for our money. And this is what this article is all about. Let us discuss the 5 tempting Glen Chimney and Hob Combo offers.

We all know Glen is a renowned Kitchen Chimney and Cooking range company in India. Glen has been in the market for almost 22 years. They manufacture a lot of varieties of Machinery and Equipment. Recently, they have come up with a gas stove with chimney combo offer.

How we shortlisted – Glen Chimney and Hob Combo offers

We have picked 5 Top of the line Glen Chimney and Hob Combo offers that is easy and light on your pocket. Let’s read about them one by one.

In order to shortlist the best Chimney and Hob combo offer, we decided to pick the models based on these parameters.

  1. Product Design
  2. Filter Types and,
  3. Suction Power

Glen 6075 SS 750 Hob and Glen 1043 GT Chimney

Glen Chimney and Hob Combo offer

Features of this Glen Chimney

Let’s start with Chimney features of Glen 6075 SS 750. This chimney comes with Baffle Filter. The size of the Chimney is 60 cm. It comes equipped with a flame retardant plastic housing (FRP).

This is a very good feature. The buttons on the chimney are all Push Button type. This model comes with Italian Suction Motor. The airflow of this chimney is 750 m³/h.

Features of the Cooktop

The Cooktop comes with toughened glass on top. This glass ensures heavy-duty protection of the Cooktop. The Cooktop wears a Rich matt steel body look which makes it very elegant. The drip tray that comes along is made of 100% stainless steel.

This Cooktop can support thick cooking pans. It is made up of heavy-duty material which definitely is a plus. There are 4 Burners on this particular Cooktop and these burners are made of Aluminium Alloy which ensures longer life of the Cooktop.

Glen 4 Burner 1061 TR Hob with Glen 6054 Chimney

Glen Chimney and Hob Combo offers

Features of this Glen Chimney

This Glen 6054 Chimney is 60 cm. In size and a 90 cm variety is also available. This chimney has a baffle filter fitted and the suction power of this Chimney is 1000 m³/h which is enough for an average Indian kitchen.

The 90 cm variety comes with superpower suction fan and that has Airflow of 1250 m³/h which can serve the purpose of a big Indian kitchen. This chimney comes with a brushed finish all over its body which really looks elegant.

This surely adds up to the interior of the kitchen.

Features of the Cooktop

The burner that comes in this combo offers a 4 Stainless steel burner. These have European sealed burners. The burner has integrated Multi-Spark auto ignition and thick pan support as well. The Steel body has a Matt finish. It also comes with Italian gas valves.

Glen Chimney 6071 EXTS and Glen 4 Burner Stove 1043 GT

Glen Chimney and Hob Combo offers

Features of this Glen Chimney

This Kitchen Chimney comes with beautiful curved glass design with a black finish. The buttons on this chimney come with sleek touch sensors. The baffle filters are made of Stainless steel. This chimney comes with LED lights which have a lifetime warranty.

The Chimney is 60 cm in size and it has a suction power of 1000 m³/h.

Features of the Cooktop

The 4 Burner LPG Gas Stove 1043 GT has a toughened glass top with an elegant finish. The added advantage is its sturdy utensil support. It also comes with a Stainless Steel drip tray for a clean kitchen.

The burners are made with Aluminium Alloy for a better life.

Glen Chimney 6071 and Glen 1065TR Glass Hob

Glen Chimney and Hob Combo offers

Features of this Glen Chimney

The Glen 6071 Chimney comes with a Black glass finish and Black powder coated on top of the body. The thickness of the glass is 8mm and it has a large suction area. The Push-button controls are rightly located on the front side of the chimney.

This chimney comes with two baffle filters. It has flame retardant plastic (FRP) housing. The size of the chimney is 60 cm and it has a powerful Italian suction motor which has an airflow of 1000 m³/h.

Features of the Hob

The hob has a toughened glass on top and it really adds up to the beauty of the kitchen. This particular hob supports cast iron utensils. It has an auto-ignition which comes integrated. The Italian valves are premium on this chimney.

Glen claims that this chimney cooks faster as it has Triple ring burner. It is also added with a Semi Rapid Burner.

Glen 6077 Colour 90 CM and Glen 1074 TR

Glen Chimney and Hob Combo offers

Features of this Glen Chimney

The Glen 6077 Chimney comes with eye-catchy red colour. This is really an advantage for the person who wants matching themes for their kitchen. The chimney is wide and is about 90 cm

Features of the Hob

This GLEN 1074 TR comes with a toughened glass finish. It has support for Cast Iron utensils and comes with Auto Ignition which is integrated. The gas valves are Italian made which ensures durability.

The burners are wide and spacious giving you rich cooking experience. The triple ring burner ensures faster cooking. The hob as Rapid and Semi Rapid burner space.

About Glen Kitchen Chimney Company

Glen is an Indian Company which was founded in 1999. The address of Glen Headquarter is in DLF Industrial Area, Phase I, Faridabad (Haryana).

Glen is the manufacturer of Major products such as Cook Tops, Built-in-Hob, Chimneys, Small Appliances and other Kitchen Appliances.

Glen products come with a combination of performance and aesthetics. Glen always guarantees long and trouble-free usage.

Glen Helpline number is 926 665 5555 (Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM). The email address for Glen is [email protected]

Final Thought on Glen Chimney and Hob Combo Offer

Kitchen is a very important part of the house. We should strive to keep our kitchen clean and healthy. And to keep the kitchen clean, we should keep it smoke-free. You should always look into the specification before you buy.

As long as specifications are matching your needs you should not think too much.

One important thing when it comes to Chimney is the Suction power of the Fan. The more the merrier. With respect to Burner, check the quality and strength of the flame. Also, check the distance of the Burner.

If you feel everything that you require is available, we suggest you the pick the Best Glen Chimney and Hob combo offer that suits your budget.

There are other companies also who keeps releasing Chimney and Hob Combo offers from time to time.

As we said, we are not biased to any company in specific.

If the specification matches your requirement, then just pick your favourite combo and get it installed.

Hope you liked this article. If you come across other Glen Chimney and Hob combo offer, please let us know in comments.

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