5 Minute Guide to Kitchen Chimney

In this article, I will talk about What is a Kitchen Chimney and How does it work. I will also talk about different types of Chimney for Kitchen such as Wall Mounted, Island and Built-in Chimneys. After reading this article, you would be able to differentiate between different types of Filters such as Mesh Filter, Baffle Filter and Charcoal Filter with their advantages and disadvantages. I have also listed out who the major Chimney manufactures in India are. I hope this article will work as a comprehensive Kitchen Chimney selection guide. So, let’s get started.

What is a Kitchen Chimney

A Kitchen Chimney is a device that is designed to pull fumes, toxic gases, and smoke from the kitchen area. It also ensures a clean and smoke-free kitchen. This device is fixed just above the cooking area.

It has a fan connected inside which helps to pull the smoke from the kitchen. That fan is sequentially connected to a hose pipe outlet which throws the smoke outside. As the technology is advancing, more and more technology is being implemented right from the design to construction of these chimneys.

How Kitchen Chimney works

Chimney in Kitchen is fitted just above the cooking area of the kitchen. The functioning and mechanism of a kitchen chimney are very straightforward. Toxic fumes and smoke emits during the cooking process as small droplets. These droplets are sucked by the exhaust fan present in the Chimney. The filters in the chimney trap the grease and the smoke and moisture are propelled out through the ducts and are released outside in open air.

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Types of Kitchen Chimneys

Modern online and offline shops have all types of kitchen chimney design available. However, one must decide which one to buy after complete market research. There are 4 broad categories of Kitchen Chimneys. They are

    • Wall Mounted Chimneys
    • Island Chimneys
    • Built-in Chimneys

Wall Mounted Chimneys

A wall-mounted chimney is fixed onto the kitchen walls. Wall-mounted Chimneys are mostly used in traditional Indian kitchens. A perfect scenario would be where the burner is fixed near the wall. You will see them mostly getting sold as they are being used by almost every Indian family.

Island Chimneys

These Chimneys are mounted from the ceiling and in the middle portion of your kitchen. We mostly notice these kinds of Chimney in modern kitchens. They are most common in modern kitchen constructions where the gas burner is in the centre portion. Island Chimneys require a long Duct-pipe to pull the smoke out.

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Built-in Chimneys

This is fixed below the cabinet and directly to the edge of the wall. This is to ensure that the extra parts be hidden. Some built-in Chimneys need extra woodwork to be constructed. These Chimneys are real space savers as they are compact. People like them for their sleek design. These kinds of Chimney often complement the kitchen interiors. Needless to say, they come at a premium price.

Duct vs. Ductless: There are two types of Kitchen Chimneys available. Let’s talk about how different they others from each other.

Chimney with Duct has a hood, motor, filter, PVC Hose pipes, and a long duct system. Duct Chimneys are placed just above the burner for maximum ventilation.

A Kitchen chimney without duct is almost the same as ducted Chimney. The only difference is that it comes with an additional carbon filter. And it does not have a duct. In a ductless chimney, smoke droplets are first sucked by the Chimney fan. The oil droplets are removed by the primary filter when the air is sucked by the Chimney. The air travels through the carbon filter. The filter removes bad odours, toxic smoke, and unhealthy air.

Then the process of recycling starts inside the Chimney. Once this process is done, the clean air is released back by the Chimney inside the house. Unlike ducted Chimney, ductless chimney does not throw out the air in the outside environment.

Different Chimney filter types

So, far we read about what is a Kitchen Chimney, how it works, and types of Chimneys. Now, let us know about Filters.

As the name says, Filters are responsible for filtering out junk and oil particles before the air is pulled inside the Chimney. In India, three types of filters are commonly used. Each filter comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, you should remember a particular Chimney can only work with the type of filter it came with. You cannot change a Mesh filter to baffle filter in a Chimney which came pre-installed with Mesh filter.

Let us understand the 3 types of filters in detail.

    • Cassette Filter or Mesh Filter
    • Baffle Filter
    • Charcoal Filter

Cassette or Mesh Filter

This is very common and used by all brands of Chimneys. It is made up of thin Aluminium or Steel mesh. It comprises of multiple layers of meshes with very tiny pores. These numerous pores remove oil particles from the smoke. The remaining water vapour, carbon particles, and bad smell are expelled out in the open air through ducts.

You must make a note here that Stainless steel filters are expensive than aluminium filters. They are weighty but easy to maintain. Aluminium filters, on the other hand, are very lightweight. They are easy to handle. Both Aluminium filters and Stainless Steel filter needs to be cleaned once a week. A mix of liquid dishwasher and baking soda does the job pretty well.

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As far as Indian culinary goes, mesh filters are found to be less suitable. They are not designed to handle a huge amount of oil and smoke infusion. Quite often it has been seen that the pores in these filters get clogged. This results in obstruction of airflow and suction of the chimney. Cassette filters require a lot of maintenance and run high on operating costs.

Baffle filter

The way baffle filter works is a little different. The construction of the baffle filter is different. A chimney that comes preinstalled with baffle filter has small channels made on alternative sides. The face of the baffle filter has curved surfaces to help retain the oil and grease. The smoke is passed and released through the PVC ducts. The small channels help baffle filter to separate the oil and tiny food particles from the smoke.

A chimney which comes with baffle filter is always preferable for Indian culinary. Filters are easy to clean. They have a low maintenance cost, as they can be cleaned with regular soap or detergent. These filters come in both stainless steel and aluminium variety.

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Charcoal filter

Charcoal is nothing but Carbon. So, the Charcoal filter has activated carbon which known for its efficacy. The charcoal filter removes smells that come out of cooking. The filter has more surface area due to which it immediately attracts unhygienic smokes and cooking smell. The impure particle sticks to the surface of the Charcoal filter when the air is pulled by the Chimney. Activated charcoal has a property of trapping all kinds of carbon-based organic chemicals.

These filters are non-washable and the only way remains is to replace them once they are completely saturated. So, this is an extra recurring cost that gets added.

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Kitchen Chimney Size

In order to select the correct size of Kitchen Chimney, one should first check the width of the gas burner. The best practice is the size of your kitchen chimney should be equal or more from the size of your gas burner. Let us understand this from an example.

Let’s say you have a gas burner or a hob with a width of 48 cm. Then a kitchen chimney of 60 cm will suffice. But, if your hob size is about 62 cm in width, then the best kitchen chimney size you buy should be 90 cm. The common sizes manufactured by the Top Chimney Brands in India are :

  • 60 cm
  • 90 cm

Kitchen Chimney - The Size of Kitchen Chimney

Height of Kitchen Chimney

The Kitchen Chimney must be positioned exactly above the Gas burner. It should have a height of 26 to 30 inches. The ideal height and distance must be maintained from Cooktop to Chimney for optimum suction.

Kitchen Chimney Height - Kitchen Chimney Info

Kitchen Chimney Brands and Price

Here is the list of Best Chimney Brand in India. These Chimney companies are known for delivering the best chimney in India.


The price of Kitchen Chimney depends on its different features and aspects. One must consider Chimney types, Manual Clean vs. Auto Clean Chimney, Kitchen Chimney without Duct or with Duct etc. However, you should definitely consider reading Best Kitchen chimney in India under 10000 for complete information.


As I have outlined everything about what a kitchen chimney is and its different aspects, I am sure you have a fair idea about it. You should now be confident in selecting the dream chimney for your kitchen.

If you feel this post was informative, please share this post with others. If you have any suggestions or questions, please comment below.

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