5 Best Selling Hindware Chimney Review

hindware chimney review

The Kitchen is the heart of a home. This quote is right because if Kitchen is neat, smoke-free then your entire house would be clean. A Kitchen hood really makes this possible. Let us read about 5 best Selling Hindware Chimney Review and buying guide.

Kitchen setup and accessories are necessary because it helps create a perfect environment to cook that good food. In modern Kitchen, a chimney is a must. As a buyer, you should consider a few essential aspects of a Chimney before buying. We recommend you to read this article on 5 minutes guide to kitchen chimney.

Now that you have a fair idea about Kitchen Chimney and different types of Chimney filters let us try to understand a few critical points.

Buying a Kitchen chimney is not easy as there are a lot of companies in the market. Moreover, there is a wide range of hoods with features like Baffle Filter chimneys, Carbon filter chimney, Filter-less chimneys, Auto-Clean Chimneys, and the super silent Chimney for Kitchen. With all these, it becomes confusing. If you read our articles, you will surely get a fair idea, and this will help you avoid a lot of confusion.

Hindware Chimney review – Why?

Hindware is a well-known brand. For smoke-less and sound cooking experience, you can bank upon the chimneys from Hindware Appliances. An exceptional mix of an advanced plan, new technology, and innovation, these chimneys let you cook without much of fumes. To supplement your tasteful kitchen insides, Hindware’s Chimneys are made utilizing unrivalled materials and are planned to remember the present-day contemporary style. With so many useful features from Hindware, we thought this Hindware Chimney review and buying guide should surely help.

Below, we have listed them with their respective features, their pros, and cons, which will help you with your buying decision.

1. Hindware Elena Black Auto Clean Chimney

This Hindware hood is one of the best-rated Kitchen hood in Amazon. This is because it has got some pretty neat features. This Chimney comes with both 60cm and 90cm. So, you can choose the size according to your gas burner dimension.

Elena Black Hindware Chimney Review

This Chimney wears an elegant look with a Curved Glass design. The Black finish and the metallic blower add up to the beauty of this Kitchen Hood. The Chimney is equipped with a Baffle Filter and a suction fan of 1100 m3/hr. The pushbuttons are tacky and placed sensibly on the front panel.

The 200 watts motor generates enough power to suck dirt and smoke from the Kitchen. Elena Black Chimney is an Auto-Clean chimney which surely takes away the pain of regular maintenance.

  • PROS: Thermal Auto-Clean, Powerful Motor, less noise
  • Cons: Nothing as such.
  • Our Take: This is a perfect chimney with a lot of useful features.

2. Hindware Sabina Black Chimney

This hood comes with a Curved Glass design. It wears an elegant black finish with glass frame at the top. The Chimney has a size of 60cm, which suits most of the Indian Kitchen needs. The Chimney is equipped with energy-efficient LED lamps for an excellent cooking experience.

Sabina Black Hindware Chimney Review

If we talk about the suction capacity, the motor pumps out 1100 m3/hr of dirt and smoke, which is enough. The power rating of the motor is 200 watts. The motor ensures maximum power and suction. The Push control buttons are located right at the front panel of the Chimney.

The Sabina Black 60 was a part of this Hindware Chimney review because we liked its features at the price range it offers. The Chimney comes in Black as well as Silver colours. This also is an advantage if you want to match this hood with your Kitchen interiors.

  • PROS: Stainless Steel Baffle Filter, 58dB Noise
  • CONS: No Auto-Clean
  • Our take: Best Budget chimney from Hindware

3. Hindware Nevio Auto Clean Chimney

This Kitchen Hood from Hindware has a Curved Glass body with Stainless Steel colour. This is a wall-mounted Chimney. This Chimney is available in 60cm as well as 90 cm. Then Chimney has a powerful motor for suction with a capacity of 1200 m3/hr.

Nevio Hindware Chimney Review

The Baffle filter ensures proper separation of grease and spice. This kind of filter also requires minimal cleaning. The Chimney comes with 180 watts of motor and has an Auto Clean feature. The thermal Auto-Clean technology promises hassle-free cleaning of dirt and grease. It also helps bring down the maintenance cost as an auto clean chimney does the job.

The Chimney comes with a metal oil collector that cleans and collects the dirt. One can easily remove the oil collector, clean it at home, and re-fix the oil collector at its place. The two LED lamps on this Chimney are fitted, ensuring proper illumination of the kitchen area.

There is a reason, why we thought of including this in our Hindware chimney review. This Chimney has feather touch control and an led display. The controls are located at the front panel to ensure safety and security from wet hands.

  • PROS: Powerful suction motor, Touch control buttons
  • CONS: Nothing as such
  • OUR TAKE: Hindware Nevio is a perfect chimney at this price.

4. Hindware Nadia Motion Sensor Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware Nadia was included in this Hindware Chimney Review because of its great features. This Chimney is available in two sizes of 60 cm and 90 cm. The Curved Glass design has a brilliant finish, and especially the black look gives a premium look.

Nadia Hindware Chimney Review

The suction motor has a capacity of 1200m3/hr, and that much is enough Indian Kitchen. This Chimney does not have any filters. And this Chimney comes with Thermal Auto Clean Technology.

The Chimney has a motion sensor and a touch control panel for smooth operation. Motion control or Gesture control is a new technology that is trending in the market nowadays.

The motor has a warranty of 10 years. The best thing is this is a ductless chimney that recirculates the air again. The energy-efficient LED lamps help to make the Kitchen area look bright and clear. That is one of the main reason, we included this in Hindware Chimney review.

  • PROS: Powerful suction motor, Touch control buttons
  • CONS: Ductless, leaves odours sometimes
  • OUR TAKE: Hindware Nadia is a ductless chimney with motion sensor.

5. Hindware Cleo Auto Clean Chimney

The Hindware Cleo Chimney is a 3rd Generation Chimney with Thermal Auto Clean features. This Chimney comes with Baffle filters and an oil collector cup. The suction power of this Chimney is 1200m3/hr. This Chimney generates a low noise level as it is equipped with Metallic Blower. The stylish and elegant look of the Chimney has been achieved with a Black finish on the panel.

Cleo Hindware Chimney Review

The 3 Speed buttons are touch sensory. This also has a digital time display and a timer function on the front panel. The Chimney has a bright silver finish, and the entire housing is made of Stainless steel. We have seen that Stainless steel directly has an advantage over other materials. For healthy and smoke-free Kitchen, this Chimney has all the features that are required.

We included this in our Hindware Chimney review is because Hindware Cleo is an Auto Clean Chimney with heat auto-clean features. The powerful motor is undoubtedly an edge when it comes to heavy cooking. The other reason was its timer and touch buttons, which are beautifully placed on the front side of the chimney panel.

  • PROS: Powerful suction motor, Touch control buttons
  • CONS: Nothing as such
  • OUR TAKE: Hindware Cleo Auto Clean Chimney comes with Heat Clean, which ensures complete cleaning and less maintenance.


All these chimneys come with Comprehensive warranty of 1 year and 5 Years on Motor.

Customer Care Number

Hindware Customer care is available from 8 AM to 9 PM on all 7 days. Their toll-free number is 1800 3010 22731800 103 3300


We have included the Top 5 Kitchen Hoods in our Hindware chimney review is because of their features, their price point and the chimney suction power. As you read above, almost all of these Hindware chimney comes with Auto-Clean feature. They also have high suction power motors. We hope this article will help you buy the best Hindware Chimney for your kitchen. You may also read our other interesting articles by visiting our blog page.

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