How to Clean Chimney – 5 Unexpected Hacks

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Are you using a Manual Kitchen Chimney at home? Did you ever want to know how to clean grease from Chimney filters? Have you wondered how to clean kitchen chimney at home? If you have these questions in mind, this kitchen chimney cleaning article is for you. By the end of this article, you would know How to clean chimney filter at home.

How to Clean Chimney – An Overview

Manual Kitchen Chimney does not come with the feature of an Auto-Clean Chimney. Manual Chimney does not have any Auto-Clean mechanism built into it. If you compare the price of a Manual Chimney with an Auto-Clean Chimney, the price of an Auto-Clean chimney is higher.

Your chimney comes with Chimney filters. When the Chimney is in operation, the grease and oil get accumulated when it is used. If you refer to the Kitchen Chimney manual, it clearly says that you need to clean your Chimney Filters on a regular basis. Cleaning Chimney filter involved step by step procedure which needs to be followed.

There are a lot of ways, using which you can clean various parts of Chimney. You may buy Kitchen Chimney cleaning liquid online. You can clean Chimney filters and Chimney mesh also. This ensures a smooth and effective operation for your Chimney. It also adds lifespan to your Chimney. We have also mentioned steps on how to clean kitchen chimney grease.

How to Clean Chimney filters

    • Caustic Soda
    • Vinegar Baking
    • Soda
    • Paint Thinner
    • Dish Wash Liquid

Let us see How to can use these ingredients separately

Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is a common soda that is widely available. The scientific name of Caustic Soda is Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). The by-product after electrolysis is actually Caustic Soda.

Sometimes, your Chimney may have stubborn grease or oil. You may find them very hard to get removed. At that time, you may use Caustic Soda. This works perfectly. Caustic Soda, being acidic in nature removes the grease and strains very easily and effectively. You almost see the oil and grease loosening from inside once you start to apply.

Let us outline the process of how to clean chimney filter

Wear proper hand gloves and protective gear as Caustic Soda is a chemical and we should not touch caustic soda with bare hands.

    • First, disconnect the Chimney from the mains
    • Unload the Chimney Filter from Chimney and put them inside a tray
    • Now, few pinches of Caustic Soda on top of the filters
    • Next, add some boiling water by pouring from Top
    • As you proceed with this step, fumes may come out
    • Wait for 1 to 2 hours and allow the Chimneys Filters to stay like that
    • Once the time has passed, take a scrubber and scrub the Filters carefully.
    • Once the dirt and grease are gone, clean them with plain water.
    • As they are cleaned by now, Place them in a straight position to dry.
    • Once completely dry, place them back onto the Chimney.

How to Clean Chimney


Vinegar is almost there in everyone’s house. We all know, Vinegar is counted as an all-purpose cleaning agent. Vinegar has acidic and mild abrasive properties. Vinegar is also good in killing germs because of its disinfectant properties. We can use vinegar to clean Chimney filter effectively. Cleaning with Vinegar also ensures that there is no occurrence of germs.

Vinegar is made by the fermentation process. The slow formation process takes longer and that’s why it allows for the slime of Acetic Acid bacteria to accumulate. This ensures enhanced cleaning when you use Vinegar as a medium to clean your Kitchen Chimneys.

How to clean chimney mesh at home with Vinegar

    • Take a small bucket and fill it with Hot water.
    • Pour two cups of Vinegar and mix the vinegar with water
    • Once mixed, Dip the Chimney Filter inside the water
    • Keep them dip for 2 hours straight
    • Take a scrubbing material and scrub the Chimney for 10 to 15 mins
    • Once the Grease and oil are out, wipe the Chimney with Wet cloth.
    • By now, they should be thoroughly cleaned. Place them upside down
    • Once they are completely dry, put them back into the Chimney.
    • Hope you get the idea of how to clean chimney with Vinegar.

Liquid Dishwasher

I am sure, we all know about Liquid Dishwasher. Liquid Dishwasher can be very helpful for cleaning Chimney filters. They are known to remove stubborn grease and oil from Chimney Filters.

How to Clean Chimney at home with Liquid Dishwasher

    • Disconnect the main socket from the Mains.
    • Take the Filter and let them lie down with the dirt side up
    • Take the Dishwashing liquid and apply some Liquid on top of it
    • Keep them for 15mins.
    • Now take a bucket and fill with lukewarm water.
    • Take both the Chimneys and dip them completely.
    • Wait for 3 hours depending on the dirt that is there on the Chimney
    • Remove the Filter from Water and Scrub using a Scrubber.
    • Let the dirt be completely removed.
    • Once the plain water is drained out, let them dry and place them back to the Chimney.

Baking Soda

One of the easiest and effective ways to clean a Kitchen Chimney Filter is to use baking Soda. Baking soda also has alkaline properties. This ensures proper cleaning and clearing of dirt inside the filter.

How to clean the chimney with baking soda

    • Arrange a Tub and Put some hot water in it.
    • Add 3 to 5 tablespoon of Baking Soda, 3 Cups of Vinegar and 4 tablespoons of Salt
    • Keep the filters dipped in this liquid for 4 hours. It takes some time to react to remove dirt.
    • Then take the filter out, clean the filter with a scrubber.
    • The final step is to wash the filter with clean water.
    • Dry them and then place them back into the Chimney.
    • We are sure, you got the idea of How to clean Chimney.

How to Clean Chimney

Paint Thinner

This is a solvent mixed with Oil-based paint. This is a mineral spirit. It is made with Acetone or Turpentine. These chemicals have Cleaning properties. Due to this capability, Paint thinner is very effective and removing the oils and grease from the Kitchen Chimney. Let us see how to clean chimney.

    • Take a dab of paint thinner on a cotton cloth.
    • With the dab, gently rub the nook and corners of your filter.
    • Ensure to cover everywhere to remove the dirt and grease.
    • Once done, wash the filters comprehensively with normal water
    • Now, keep them to dry properly.
    • Once dried, fix them in your kitchen Chimney again.

How to clean grease from chimney filters

In order to clean grease from Kitchen chimney, the steps that we have mentioned above should be followed. If you have dirt and heavy grease in the filter, then it should be soaked for a longer period of time.

Do I need to clean the Kitchen Filters regularly?

Cleaning your Chimney filter depends on a lot of factors. If you have a busy kitchen then cleaning of kitchen Chimney filter is frequently necessary. It also depends on your usage and the type of Kitchen Chimney you have. But, it’s a good practice to keep your kitchen Chimney filters clean. This ensures smooth functioning and suction of your kitchen Chimney fan.

Our thoughts

Cleaning of Kitchen Chimney is not very daunting. It just needs some dedication and time from you. If you do regular cleaning this becomes very easy. Regular cleaning of Chimney Filters ensures fewer deposits of Dirt and Grease. This, in turn, makes your Chimney to work efficiently.

The steps that talks about how to clean chimney here are not very tough. They are easily available items using you can keep your Chimney Filter in pristine condition. We hope next time you would take up the task to clean the Kitchen Chimney Filters at your home.

We hope we have covered all 5 Hacks for How to Clean Chimney.

We are sure now you know how to clean chimney, its filters with regular household items. Please share it with others.  If you have any questions please comment below.

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  1. I tried using the method you have stated and it was quote useful. Thank you and can you advise whether cleaning a big restaurant’s chimney will be possible using the same method?

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