Kitchen Chimney Height Calculation- A Quick Guide


Most of the modern kitchens in India have Kitchen Chimney installed. While installing a Chimney, the placement of the Kitchen Chimney and its height becomes very important. One of the factors is the Kitchen Chimney height calculation. To get the best out of your Chimney, installation should be done after proper calculation and placement of the Kitchen Chimney.

Ensuring the proper height of the Kitchen Chimney, you can rest assured that your chimney is working in optimum condition. If your Chimney installation is proper, and if the Kitchen Chimney height calculation is done properly, then your chimney should work in its best condition.

Overview of Kitchen Chimney Height Calculation

If you have done the installation of Kitchen Chimney from company personnel, then you should not worry much about the calculation of the height of your Kitchen Chimney. Typically, Kitchen Chimney is placed above the eclectic stove at about 22 to 24 inches. However, for a gas burner, the standard height for Kitchen Chimney is maintained at 24 to 30 inches.

These are standard calculations for most of the Kitchen Chimney with 60cm and 90cm in size. However, it is always suggested to refer the manual for Kitchen Chimney height calculation and then follow as mentioned in the manual. A very crucial point is, if the minimum height is not maintained as mentioned in the Chimney manual, this could lead to your chimney warranty to be void.

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Few other important aspects

As mentioned above, proper installation of Kitchen Chimney ensures safety as well as the efficient working of the chimney. However, my advice is to first check for the average height of the persons who will mostly be working in the Kitchen.

Considering the height factor, a chimney should be installed in such a height so that it does not come to a person’s way. This is a very important factor as it creates a lot of hindrances where chimney gets in the person’s way. These should be considered before the installation of the chimney.

Another important point to remember is the suction power of the Chimney. The chimney manual always mentions the standard height for a chimney. However, if a Chimney has a high suction power then it may be fitted by altering the stand distance from burner to chimney.

A powerful chimney with high suction power has the capacity to pull a lot of smoke whereas a chimney with low suction power fails to do that. So, my suggestion is to refer to the Kitchen Chimney manual and check the suction power of the Chimney.

The Chimney with low suction power should be lower enough to pull the smoke easily when it is in operation. On the other hand, a high suction power chimney can be placed at a standard height after the Kitchen Chimney height calculation.

Before shopping for a brand new kitchen chimney, you should always take the proper measurements of your kitchen, the distance between your kitchen platform and roof, and the gaps between cabinets. Especially in India, the carpenter doing interior design keeps a very standard gap between the cabinets, and sometimes it is less than 60cm. This creates a lot of issues as most of the chimneys available in India are either 60cm or 90cm in width. So, this should be always considered.

Important points to remember

  1. Always measure the distance from your cooktop or burner till the ceiling before buying a Chimney
  2. Do remember to measure the distance between cabinets and keep a gap of 60cm or 90cm.
  3. Decide which chimney is ideal for you. As mentioned above, there are two sizes available.
  4. Buy high suction powered Chimneys for effective suction of kitchen smoke.
  5. Go for low noise chimneys. If you wish to read, I have listed some of them here.

Know about Kitchen Chimney

Before you think of shopping for your Kitchen Chimney, I would suggest you read my article on – 5 Minutes Guide to Kitchen Chimney. This will help you a lot in understanding how a Kitchen Chimney works, and what you should look for while buying a kitchen chimney.

What if I increase the Height?

Well, there is no harm if you increase the height of a Kitchen Chimney from its standard height of 24 to 30 inches. But, it would impact the functioning of the chimney. The smoke that is expelled in Kitchen would greatly reduce the efficiency of the Chimney. Even if the suction power is high, your chimney would prove ineffective in driving the smoke out of your kitchen.

Final thoughts

When it comes to Chimney height calculation, I feel you should always follow the instruction manual until and unless there is any special case of exception. By doing this you ensure the proper functioning of the chimney, efficient pulling of smoke from Kitchen, and thus avoiding any warranty issues.

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