What is a Baffle Filter – Top 7 remarkable questions answered

What is a Baffle Filter

If you have a Chimney at home, you definitely have seen Baffle filters attached to it. But, do you really know What is a Baffle Filter? How do they work? Let us address Top 7 Questions that are often asked.

What is a Baffle filter?

A Baffle filter is a curved grill casing which is used to trap oils and grease. They are squared shaped roll-formed baffles. These baffles are equally placed with uniform gaps between them. These filters are constructed using aluminium or stainless steel material. The gap in these filters makes it easier for the air to flow. It also helps to contain the oily particulates and grease. This modern filter is positioned below the suction fan in a kitchen chimney.

These chimney filters are always the first choice as it is very effective for trapping grease from cooking smokes. These filters differ in sizes based on the capacity of the Chimney.

What is a Baffle Filter

How these filters work

Baffle channels help to force the oil-soaked air to alter course rapidly and over and again as it passes through the channel. Since the oil beads can’t alter its direction as quickly as the air carrying them, they gather on the metal edges and afterwards drain down the channel. At the point when the oil is separated into a plate, it guarantees that there is no stain left in the moving air.

Why Baffle Filter is used?

Now let us know why we need baffle filter. These type of filter is quite commonly used nowadays. And the obvious reason is, it is very effective. It is very efficient in filtering out the grease from the smoke that is generated in the kitchen. As they are designed by interlocking the baffle channels, they ensure that thick grease gets trapped in the channels. Also, the material used in the construction of these filter ensures a greater life. These filters can resist high temperature and add up to the Chimneys aesthetic appearance as well.

Positives of using Stainless Steel filter

  • These filters made of stainless steel are Heatproof. They can withstand high flames and resistant to thick grease.
  • They are used in all modern Chimneys because of their aesthetic looks.
  • They look shiny and thus give a premium look to Kitchen chimney. They are resistant to corrosiveness.
  • They are durable and can last longer.
  • They are cost-effective.

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How to clean a Baffle filter?

These filters can be hand washed. And it is the most effective way of cleaning them. The very initial step is to remove the filter from the Chimney safely. Make sure the Chimney is not operational and not hot. You may also refer to the Online Kitchen Chimney manual for safety instructions.

Once it is removed, dip the filter inside a warm water tub mixed with detergent power. You may leave it for 1 hour so that the dirt and grease loosens a bit. Post that, take a scrubber or a sponge rub the channels thoroughly till the grease and oil are drained out. You should not use any bleach or hard chemicals as it may damage your Chimney filter.

Once it is thoroughly cleaned, you may keep it from drying. Once dried, re-install the filter in its position and secure the knobs.

Some modern Chimney filters do not require you to clean them very frequently. But, again that depends on your cooking pattern and kitchen load.

Baffle filter vs. Cassette Filter

  • They are durable as compared to Cassette filter
  • They can withstand high temperature but Cassette filter cannot.
  • They ensure efficient air cleaning as compared to Cassette filter
  • Advantage of Cassette filter is that it is lighter then Baffles.
  • Cassette filters are cheaper as compared to these filters.
  • They are easier to clean as compared to Cassette filters.

Baffle Filter Price in India

There are a lot of varieties of filter available online. They all differ from each other as each and every Kitchen Chimney manufacturer has different filter size requirements.

Filterless Chimneys are also available in the market

Cost of Baffle filter for Kitchen Chimney costs around Rs. 800 to 1500 approximately, depending on the quality and brand. Large Kitchen Chimney has different filter requirements. So the price may go higher. We would recommend you to look for prices online.

Which Chimney Filter is best?

We have already mentioned about different types of filters in our article what is a Kitchen Chimney. If you have are planning to buy an affordable yet efficient Chimney, go for Chimney equipped with Baffle Filter. If you can push budget a little further then buy a Kitchen Chimney which comes with a Carbon filter. Again, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You may also read our article Deep Silent and Best Chimney for Kitchen in India 2020. This will give you a fair idea about the Silent Chimneys that are currently trending in the Indian market.

Should I buy a filterless chimney or a chimney with the filter?

Modern Chimney also comes without a filter. That means it would not have Oil Collector, Baffle Filter, Enclosure to open or replace a filter. These chimneys are costly from their counterparts. But, they reduce the task to regular opening and cleaning. Unlike Chimneys with Baffle filter, they have in-built Auto Clean feature which cleans the chimney. There is no manual opening of filters and Hand Cleaning them. This saves a lot of time as well. However, as mentioned above they are costlier.

Concluding notes

In this article, we have covered what a Baffle filter is its advantages, how it works and its approximate price in India. And we feel the information provided here should give you a good start in understanding more about Filters used in Chimneys. We hope we were able to provide you with an overview of filters.

If you have any questions, or if you want to know more about filters they please comment below. Please read our article on Best Selling Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen in India.

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