What is Auto Clean Chimney – Benefits & Drawbacks

what is auto clean chimney

Our new generation wants everything to be automated. Be it switching the AC ON from the car or controlling the Set-Top box from a remote location. Thanks to the advancement in modern technologies. In this article I will talk about what is Auto Clean Chimney and how do they function. I will discuss the benefits of buying an Auto Clean Chimney.

What is Auto Clean Chimney?

Gone are the days when we used to clean our Kitchen Chimney filters manually. Manual Kitchen Chimney filters need regular cleaning and maintenance. They are not equipped with Auto-Clean mechanism. On the other hand, Auto Clean Chimney reduces the effort of regular cleaning of chimney filters. As the name suggests, they have in-built Auto-Clean mechanism to clean the chimney.

Oil Collector - Kitchen Chimney Info

The functioning of Auto Clean Chimney

These Chimneys are equipped with a Turbine Blower at the top of the Chimney. This turbine blower helps pull the smoke and pass through. The Centrifugal force that is generated inside sucks the smoke.

These smoke deposits stick to the blower wall and drip off and get collected in an Oil Collector. The Oil Collector is a vital part of the auto clean chimney. So, whenever the auto-clean button on the chimney is pressed, the entire mechanism gets activated and thus auto-cleaning of the chimney is achieved.

Benefits of Auto Clean Chimney

Here are a few benefits of buying an Auto Clean Chimney for your kitchen.

  • Auto Clean chimney is very easy to maintain. As the filter gets cleaned automatically, there is very less human intervention.
  • Washing of Filter is not needed as the oil gets deposited in the oil collector
  • The Turbine blower runs at very high speed. This keeps the walls of the inner chimney grease and oil-free.
  • Time-saving on maintenance as the Chimney filter gets auto cleaned.

Drawbacks of Auto Clean Chimney

Auto Clean Chimney comes with few drawbacks.

  • The price of Auto Clean chimney is higher as compared to Manual Chimney.
  • Auto Clean Chimney comes with a complex mechanism. In case of any repairs, the cost is higher.

Heat Auto –Clean Technology

This technology is being used by a lot of Chimney manufacturers. Heat Auto Clean Chimney comes with heating elements fitted inside. These heating elements get heated as soon as the Auto Clean button is pressed. The heating element helps get rid of the oily and grease inside the chimney. Later they get accumulated in the Oil collect placed below the chimney.

Trending Auto Clean Chimney in 2020

If you are looking for the best Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen, then I have written an article about the 5 Best Selling Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen. I would suggest you go through that.

Things to consider while buying an Auto-Clean Chimney

If you really made up your mind to buy an Auto-Clean Chimney, please look for the following features. This will surely give you a better experience with your chimney.

  • Heat Auto Clean Technology – Always prefer to buy an Auto Clean Chimney that comes with Heat Auto Clean feature. We have already discussed its advantages above.
  • Baffle Filters – Always look for Baffle Filters in your Chimney. This is because Baffle Filters require less maintenance and they have a longer life.
  • LED Lights – Buy a Chimney which comes with LED Lights. LED lights are bright and consume less electricity.
  • Max Air Flow – If your Chimney comes with 1000 to 1200 m3/hr of suction power, then you should not worry. This is the ideal suction power for medium to heavy cooking.
  • Oil Collector – Make sure you check the size of Oil Collector and how easy it is to disassemble and reassemble. An oil collector should be conveniently placed so that your hands may reach easily.

Wrapping up

By now you must have a fair idea about what is Auto Clean Chimney. I would highly recommend you to read my article on Best Auto Clean Chimney which will help you decide which Kitchen Hood to buy. If you have any suggestion, please comment below.


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